[scribus] need PDF help & neglected info

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 17 11:09:59 CET 2011

hi john,

> Although sticking with the latest stable release seems intuitively the
> safest course it may not be the best course in the case of Scribus.
> The developers of Scribus are perhaps excessively cautious about
> labeling releases. I consider 1.3.9 to be a stable release. Indeed I
> use 1.5.0 for production and download/compile it nightly (a practice
> less feasible for MSWin users.)  My current version was released on
> January 2, 2011.

in the last few weeks, there were some bugs in 1.5svn which could lead 
to data lost.

if somebody does not know how to react he or she may screw the documents 
and loose many hours of work.

you know how to work with (i hope so!), most people on this list don't.

> There is no reason to hang on to just because it is labeled
> "stable". I label it as obsolescent. I suspect that many of the
> questions we get here on the list can be solved with an upgrade. I
> look forward to the release of (stable) 1.4.0 which will be 1.3.9 with
> a few fixes.
1.3.9 is currently probably almost as stable as but there are 
good reasons to stick to, too.

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