[scribus] Script: Bullets and numbered lists updated

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 23:14:49 CET 2011

On 01/16/2011 02:20 PM, José Antonio Rocha wrote:
> Thank you for feedback.
> In order to scripts appear in "Scripts>  Scribus scripts..." menu,
> put it in:
> * Windows folder "x:\Program files\Scribus 1.3.9\share\scripts\" or in
> * Linux directory (copy as root) "/usr/share/scribus-nt/scripts/" (I gess).
> But this folders is for official scripts and could be overwritting when
> Scribus reinstalls.
> Would be great if Scribus had custom tools pallets with buttons tied to
> scripts.
> 2011/1/16 John Jason Jordan<johnxj at comcast.net>
>> Ideally, I'd like it to appear with the other scripts in Script>
>> Scribus Scripts, but I can't figure out where to save it so it will
>> appear there.

If you set the directory for Scripts in File > Preferences > 
General:Scripts, this is where Scribus will look when you choose Script 
 > Execute Script.., and then once you have run it, then your script 
shows up in Script > Recent Scripts >


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