[scribus] .PUB Converter

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 19:24:30 CET 2011

There was recently a discussion here about converting Microsoft
Publisher files to Scribus. The thread was sparked by someone from
Markzware Software asking if the Scribus community would be interested
in a conversion tool. Markzware makes (expensive) add-ons for InDesign
and QuarkXPress, including conversion tools.

I recently discovered zamzar.com, an online conversion site. In
addition to many other conversion capabilities (including various
formats for images, video, sound and e-books), zamzar.com will
convert a Microsoft .pub file to .doc or any of several other formats.

I also noted that .sla is not on any of their lists, either as import
or export format. 

I didn't sign up for a paid account. It's free without signing up for
files up to 200 MB, but only if you have them e-mail the result to you.
My mail accounts have to go through my university, which limits
attachments to 8 MB, so I'd need to get a paid account (minimum $7 a
month) to use their online file storage and download features. I don't
have anything that I need to convert right now, but I bookmarked
zamzar.com just in case I need it some day. I also don't know how good
their conversions are.

I mention this just in case someone on the list needs to convert a .pub
file to something usable. I have no financial or other interest in

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