[scribus] WTactis and Scribus struggle

Lukasz Jastrzebski luke.jastrzebski at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 18:35:21 CET 2011

Thanks for replying promptly.

> sorry, i didn't want to say that...
And you should'nt have been saying that!
Having a style separate for each page or paragraph is not the right way,
not, as Greg said, efficient.

> > 5. PNG exports with white background. We need transparency, not
> > > white as expression of nothingness.
> you might try to write a feature request for PNGs with transparent
> background.
> it's probably easy to change the current export code to (also) produce PNGs
> with transparent background.

I will do that as soon as I will sort out all other no-go obstacles.

> > > 7. This is really serious bug for us. Blur bitmap filter is not
> > > working in PDF. Bitmaps remain crispy.
> have you ever thought of writing a bug report for it?

Its pretty old.

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