[scribus] Using Scribus for novels and short stories

John O'Sullivan johnosullivan413 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 21:04:54 CET 2011

>>I have examples of TeX, OO Writer and Scribus text for a novel here:
>>Unfortunately I don't have MSWord or InDesign so I can't add examples 
>>for those products. But you can run up your own sample in MSWord and 
>>compare it to the others. 
>This is the second time I have been unable to get a PDF from your site.
>When I click on the link above Firefox pops up and tries to load the
>page, but it just says "done" and nothing happens. I suspect it has to
>do with the fact that I do not have Firefox set to open PDFs in the
>browser window. Instead, I use the browser window to download the PDF
>and open it in Adobe Reader. This is on Fedora 14 x86_64.
>I never have a problem getting PDFs from other web sites. What am I /
>are we doing wrong? 

Just a suggestion -  are you able to right click and "Save Link As.."?

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