[scribus] Bulleted Lists in Scribus (yes, I know....)

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Mon Jan 10 17:49:14 CET 2011

On Monday 10 January 2011 05:43:22 Tony Hamilton wrote:
> .. that this is a long outstanding requirement.
> I found a video tutorial on how to use a graphic, via an in-line
> image, to replace the single black bullet that is available, but
> the video has 2 problems:
> 1. It runs faster than my ability to think, never mind watch the
> video. I really have no idea what it is doing.
> 2. I'm really not going to do all that work just to create a better
> looking bullet - assuming that I happen to have a suitable graphic,
> which can be reduced in size and still have meaning afterwards,
> lying around in my system.
> Is there a better documented way for doing this? I see claims that
> many large books have been produced using Scribus. Did they all not
> need to use bullets? How do other users get round this limitation?
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MY solution: 
1. Set up the page in TeX. I suggest the Context variant.
2. Import the page as a pdf file.  Context offers several different 
bullet images. Just select the type of bullet once for each list or 
sublist within a list.  Here is the complete file using right facing 
arrow heads (triangles):
\font\rm bchr8r at 10pt                  %BitstreamCharter
\item Here is the first item
\item Here is the second item
I just ran it and it works. 

This way is fastest for me. Some day Scribus will have a set of 
typesetting tools comparable to what TeX offers. But that day is not 
soon. In the meantime a hybrid document (TeX within Scribus or vice 
versa) gives you the convenience of both products. 
John Culleton
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