[scribus] Creating paragraph styles

Tony Hamilton shaky.start at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 9 17:07:19 CET 2011

After playing around at the edges with it, I finally used Scribus
(Stable) to create a real document and found it gratifying to complete
it successfully. On the way I found a number of questions were raised to
which I couldn't find answers on the www (that must be a failure of
Google, right?). I would like to pose these questions to the Scribus
mailing list, if I may, 1 question to an email (to keep things simple).

The first question is about paragraph styles. The document I needed was
first produced using Open Office Writer. This was a nightmare, because I
was using multiple columns, with the left most column used only for
headings. But I was able to create the text appearance I wanted in the
body of the document, using Writer - especially the ability to create a
paragraph style with a border on  a single edge of the paragraph, acting
as a paragraph separator (using a 'top' border). I can find no way of
adding borders to a paragraph in either Stable (or the NG version, even
though it does have a little more function).

Can borders be added to paragraphs in Scribus?

Thanks for reading

Tony Hamilton

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