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Sun Jan 9 04:42:00 CET 2011

John JJ wrote:
> Thanks. That is the bit I was missing. The default installation of
> Fedora 14 x86_64 installed aspell, but curiously did not install any
> dictionaries. After installing aspell-en I now have the spell
> checker
> at the bottom of the list in the Item button.
> However, it doesn't seem to work. The choice is grayed out when you
> are
> actually editing text in canvas view, and is not available at all in
> the story editor. The only time it can be selected is when the text
> frame is selected, but not in edit mode. And then the spell checker
> finds nothing wrong, even when I deliberately made some misspelled
> words in the frame.

That's the way it works (not) in my VectorLinux 7 alpha 4 with
Scribus 1.3 9. I have aspell and the English dictionary. I get a
spellcheck option under Item. However, when it does run, the dialog
box appears but there's nothing in the "word not in dictionary" box
and no alternate choices listed. So it's totally useless for spell
checking because I can't see what it thinks is wrong. I've
deliberately put misspelled words in the text but have no idea if
they were picked up. I also can't get the Item-spellcheck option
unless I select the text frame but not in Edit mode.

Seems broken to me.
--Judy M.

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