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Lorn, I have not used Scribus for this purpose, but I used it for preparing
lessons for a class in church some time ago. It works very very well for
that.  This is a similar applications, because the lessons I taught were
each fairly short, but the aggregate was fairly long.  I didn't use any
sophisticated formatting, but I did use lots of illustrations and drawings.
It works well for that. I can't give you guidance as to the processes,
because I actually WROTE the documents in Scribus rather than in a
word-processor.  I guess I wonder why you would use Scribus as the formatter
and not just use the word processing program.  I know that many novels have
been created in Word or Open Office (and other word processors), so it does
interest me. I have a couple nonfiction books I've been working on that I
did in Word, and that worked out quite well, and it was easy to do.
Steve Bradley

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 8:33 AM, LORN MACINTYRE <
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> I am endeavouring to use Scribus in order to edit a novel of 20 chapters,
> importing the files from Microsoft Word via OpenOffice in order to preserve
> the
> formatting. There seems to be little information on the web about this type
> of
> project, so it would be good to hear from subscribers who have already done
> this
> for a novel or short story collection, so that I can profit from their
> experience and perhaps eventually put together a step-by-step process which
> will
> help other writers and save time and frustration with regard to font
> choices,
> kerning, etc.
> Thanks in anticipation,
> Scottie
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