[scribus] FYI on the Spell Check

David F. Bleil dfbleil at cpcug.org
Fri Jan 7 20:40:47 CET 2011

OS is open Suse 11.3 x86-64  / KDE 4.4.4 release 3
Scribus is 1.3.9 installed as rpm from mr.docs repo

The spell check appears in the Scribus menu under item and indicates using
F7. With a test document open containing words ispell would not recognize
pressing F7 produces no response. Just an FYI at this point. I have been
using Scribus long enough to have the habit of spell checking in the text
editor before importing. But it would be nice to have it catch my
inability to type the intended key when doing some minor edits in a nearly
finished document.

David F. Bleil
PSW Trustee
Annapolis, MD
dfbleil at cpcug.org

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