[scribus] Spell check

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 7 12:57:26 CET 2011

Pressing F7 with a text box selected, I get the pop up dialog box.
>  How is spell check supposed to be accessed?
>  Is there any menu, toolbar, properties methods?
>  Only had time for a Very quick scan of the F1 help, wiki, or UI.
>  I only came across suggestions to use aspell from command line or do
>  spell checking in a word/text processor before importing to Scribus.

item>  spell checker

thank you
it appears in my packaged by PCLinuxOS but not under 1.5.0 that I compiled on same box, some more research on latter for later.

Does anyone know if the F1 Help for 1.3.9 has better detail on it (have not had time to set up 1.3.9 but other threads have mentioned the F1 Help is improved)

slightly related to thread about best way of communicating with new, occasional, or even forgetful users, I'd prefer to see the option always shown and then when selecting it would then tell you the option is not available with link to F1 Help or Wiki with more verbose explanation that spell checking may not be available because of ... insert most common reasons ... and if still can not resolve that possible help can be found on the mail list (with link) or IRC or ....?

If everything is all setup and working then users (especially the very knowledgeable ones :-) are not annoyed by messages telling them what they already knew (and would not see because they would not have clicked on option in first place :--).


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