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Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Wed Jan 5 19:56:40 CET 2011

John -

Thank you!  Great help since I knew what to look for: Linking 
Frames.  Of course, I had to learn how to add a page :-).  Slick!

I cannot seem to get help from the Help | Scribus manual... F1.  
Instead, I went to Google and looked for "Scribus Link Frames" 
which took me to the Wiki where there was great help.  What am I 
missing with the F1 approach?

Again, thank you...


On 1/5/2011 10:27 AM, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Jan 2011 10:04:48 -0800
> Todd Cary<todd at aristesoftware.com>  dijo:
>> As a newbie to Scribus, I am unsure how to solve the problem of
>> "Text overflow".  "Text overflow"?  Let me explain:
>> I am trying to setup a weekly PDF Rotary newsletter to be
>> distributed via the Web (replacing a HTML email).  There is a
>> "Text Body" that can be one or more pages with the text coming
> >from a text file file produced by a "reporter".  If I copy and
>> paste the text into the "Text Body", there may be more than the
>> Front Page can accommodate.  Is there a way to have the excess
>> flow into "Page Two", and if necessary, into "Page Three"?
>> And a sub-part to this question is adding images to a page that
>> most likely will cause the text to want to overflow.
> 1) Look in the help for how to link frames.
> 2) If you're adding images and want the text to flow around them
> right-click on the image frame and select Properties. In the Properties
> palette that will pop up you will have various options for setting text
> wrap for the image.
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