[scribus] Text overflow

Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Wed Jan 5 19:04:48 CET 2011

As a newbie to Scribus, I am unsure how to solve the problem of 
"Text overflow".  "Text overflow"?  Let me explain:

I am trying to setup a weekly PDF Rotary newsletter to be 
distributed via the Web (replacing a HTML email).  There is a  
"Text Body" that can be one or more pages with the text coming 
from a text file file produced by a "reporter".  If I copy and 
paste the text into the "Text Body", there may be more than the 
Front Page can accommodate.  Is there a way to have the excess 
flow into "Page Two", and if necessary, into "Page Three"?

And a sub-part to this question is adding images to a page that 
most likely will cause the text to want to overflow.

Thank you for any suggestions or references to articles....


Ariste Software
Petaluma, CA 94952


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