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>>>  I wasn't criticizing either, just providing information (sorry if my
>> English
>> is not as polished as I'd liked it too be).
>> It's always interessant to get different opinions, even if some of them
>> don't apply to one's specific case.
>> You always know where each photo is in the book? Look at this one:
>> http://fr.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/1289545/2e41ecf40d75613bcaeb79e2e372ba63
>> Though it has less than 40 pages, I'm totally unable to find a specific
>> photo in the book unless I have its filename.
>> ;-)
>> Marie-Noëlle
>>  Hello Marie-Noelle,
> If it was MY book I would know where the photo was located by looking at
> it.

You might have a much better visual memory than I have. The reason I gave
you that link is that, in this book, all the photos are very similar; and
though I shooted these pictures myself, I'm unable to distinguish one from
another unless I can see the filename.

> I start cataloguing my photos when they come off the camera. I want to
> avoid having to frustrate myself trying to locate an image, especially if it
> is one I am using.

I have more than 18000 photos in Digikam (and I add about 500-1000 new each
month). I have no problem to find what I look for, using albums, dates,
tags, legends, rating, even GPS coordinates if I feel like it. Nonetheless,
the more I am into photography, the more similar pictures I have ... and the
more difficult it is to see if I'm woriking on the right one.

> Prepare your images and your text before it gets into Scribus. In the long
> run it saves time.

The photos book is another way to present a lot of pictures I have selected
in Digikam, then exported to a folder dedicated to Scribus. However, it's
mandatory I keep the same name in Scribus and Digikam, so I can amend my
selection if needed, and do the final resizing/sharpening in Digikam before
doing the final export to Scribus.

Several weeks ago, I asked the list about a tool that could allow me to
"play" with the photos, and "arrange" them to prepare the layout of the
book. I'm not speaking about some kind of organization such as chronological
or along-a-trip sequence of pictures. It's really a creation matter, which
picture I will put on the same page with which other one ... In order to do
this, I need to see more or less all the pictures I want to put in the book,
then make groups (by color, theme, or what suits my whim at the moment),
decide of a size for each one, before deciding to put 1, 2 or ... 7 on one
page, and this page anywhere among 90 others (the last book I've done is 94
pages big and contains 215 photos).

In a physical world, I guess this would be done with real photos (or
thumbnails) on big table.
The closest way I've found to emulate this is to import all the photos (in
low definition) in a dummy Scribus document to move/groupe them around the
workspace. Once I'm more or less satisfied with the grouping, I can transfer
groups, one by one, to the actual Scribus book, create the pages, and choose
the definite layout, the background, etc. for the group.
And once I'm satisfied with the whole book (made with low definition
pictures), have added the corresponding legends, etc. I still have to
resize/sharpen the final photos and export them to Scribus, where they will
replace the "working" ones.

> Could look something like this:
>  My-Book>Chapter1>chapter1-images/
>                 >chapter1-text/
>                 >chapter2-images/
> If the image is important, make a copy, catalogue it in the same manner as
> you catalogue the original. If I end up spending time trying to find the
> location of an image I am using I have taken the flow out of workflow and
> only the work is left.
> keith
The images are the whole point of the book.
There is no text, apart short legends I add on pages once the final layout
is done.

I'm speaking about photos workflow; Scribus is but one of the output I have
to produce (I also have several galleries, a Picasa and a Facebook account,
several websites in which I frequently used photos, people who ask for
pictures by mail, etc.) and must use the same filename as the others, or
there is no more workflow.

By the way, I have only been an amateur photograph for a bit less than a
decade; a DTP/Scribus user for about a month ... but I have been an
organizer and system-designer for about 25 years (and ceased some years

Thought that could explain a bit ...  :D

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