[scribus] I'm a beginner !

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Jan 1 20:29:12 CET 2011

hi tzipora

> I'm a mac user, OS 10.6.5 and I've downloaded Scribus.   I tried to
> import some text from Word to use in Scribus and can't do it.
> Any suggestions?
> Also, is there a Mac version of the manual for beginners?

if you're using 1.3.9, you have a fairly good manual in the help.

for importing word files. scribus can't import .doc(x) files directly. you have to first open them in openoffice.org, save them as .odt and can then load them in a text field (with formatting and stylesheet)

hope that helps (otherwise, keep on asking)

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