[scribus] Subject: Re : (Scribus) Insertion of a gif from a browser

Ivan Winters iwinters at virginmedia.com
Sat Jan 1 16:07:14 CET 2011

1. Many thanks for all the help/advice/info

a. First advice I was given was correct. Right click on the image in browser window - 'save image as' - saved selected image to a file in 'My Pictures'. Opened image frame in Scribus - 'Get Image'. Worked perfectly.

b. Comment re gif will not have enough dpi is correct. Only 72dpi - Yuk ! Cleaned up a few blotches on a copy of the image in GIMP. Anything in GIMP that can increase the dpi of this image - anyone know ?

c. Re copyright. No problems - it is our image in the first place.

I would prefer all replies to be in Queen's English


Ivan Winters
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