[scribus] Scribus forums need link in emails? - comments on forum

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Thu Feb 24 21:40:44 CET 2011

On 2/24/2011 10:44 AM, John Culleton wrote:
> On Thursday 24 February 2011 13:00:38 Barry McKenna wrote:
>> Perhaps it would help generate awareness - and then content
>> - if those frequent contributors and responders who list
>> scribus urls under their signature would consider adding a
>> link for the forum?
>> Barry McKenna
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>> scribus at lists.scribus.net
>> http://lists.scribus.net/mailman/listinfo/scribus
> I linked to the forum. First it was subdivided into too many subfora.
> Second some of the instructions were in small black text on a dark
> blue background---a clear case of form disrupting function.
> Possibly the concept is good but the execution was very unfriendly. I
> won't bother again.

I agree that the black or dark blue boxes with smaller type 
for quoting what is being replied to is disturbing to the 
eye, which is a bit ironic given that this group's focus is 
on the production of quality text and images.

Other than that, I think the forum looks and functions well.

The software appears to be a good choice - except for the 
black reversed text, which can probably be changed. I guess 
it's a bit ironic that I'm posting this here, but it seems 
relevant to what is being discussed here, as well.

I don't agree that there are too many sub-forums: the whole 
point of this type of forum IMHO - i.e., why it can be more 
functional than a mailing list - is so that categories of 
issues are kept together so that people can quickly find 
what they are interested in and need help with.

This could save many people a lot of time, especially those 
who graciously answer the same questions over and over again 
as new people land here.

I use Mozilla's Thunderbird which in many ways is good 
software, but their search functions are not user friendly, 
which means that when I search our mailing list, it is not 
easy to find the subjects I'm in need of help with.

I switched my subscription from digest to individual hoping 
that it would be of some additional help, and it is because 
I have the subject headers I can sort on, but other than 
that, Thunderbird is poorly designed for finding the exact 
content in a specific message.

I used to use Eudora 3.05 which was excellent for searching, 
but it just became too old to use anymore

So, in theory, if the forums acquire content, the sub-forums 
could be very helpful.

Barry McKenna

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