[scribus] Using BBS instead

Peter Linnell mrdocs at scribus.info
Wed Feb 23 16:06:31 CET 2011

On 02/23/2011 03:51 PM, John Culleton wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 February 2011 04:30:01 Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
>> On 2/23/11, William F. Maddock wrote:
>>> With a forum, somebody has to own
>>> secure, and maintain a website (which is neither easy, nor free),
>>> and individual users do not have the democracy of moderating what
>>> gets into their access and what does not.
>> Having owned some forums for very nearly 5 years I have no foggiest
>> idea what you are talking about.
>>>  If you want into the forum you have to trust
>>> that someone serving as a moderator has at least minimally
>>> similar ideas with you as to what is allowable and/or appropriate
>>> (which always results in spats, bans, and other such
>>> unpleasantnesses).
>> There is this absolutely standard thing called Terms of Use that is
>> filled by a forum administrator. It lists things that are allowable
>> and things that are not allowable. When you register, you agree to
>> you, or you don't (and then you don't register).
>> So you never heard of bans in mailings lists, apparently. Would you
>> like to know more about it, with examples and background history?
>> :)
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> I don't know if this mailing list is pre-screened but I do know it is 
> free from all the crud I see on some popular usenet newsgroups, AKA 
> forums. By the time I scroll through all the ads for fashion knockoffs 
> and pictures of Indian movie stars I probably have missed some 
> important posts that have been crowded off the front pages. So kudos to 
> the managers of this list whoever they may be. If a Scribus newsgroup 
> is established someone had better take on the task of screening all 
> the posts in advance. I am one of four moderators for the mailing list 
> self-publishing at yahoogroups.com and we have a tough time keeping up 
> with the load. We have a small group of prolific posters who are 
> constantly pushing to see how far they can go before their post gets 
> bounced. 


Nothing is pre-screened going to the list, but list membership is
definitely looked at by a real human, to prevent spammers joining.

While you might see us forward things from time to time, only list
members are allowed to post. Hence, the low spam count.


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