[scribus] Need Arial, Times New Roman Font "equivalents" to look/print nice in PDF

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> Producing a 48 page magazine and am having
> trouble when producing a PDF.
> The small 7 pt Arial fonts look bad.

** Are they embedded or vectorized ? For the last I and L could look bad, but the printing works fine.
> Currently, I am only using Times New Roman and Arial TT.

Beside the use of fonts, there is a symbol in visual terms.Sure Times/Arial is a couple the most used since the computer age; but is not an heresy.
Now, with DTP, the choise of the fonts is made depending of the kind of thedocument and what will be the reader target. That explains several couples existinglike Futura/bodoni, GillSans/Garamond, Frustiger/Caslon, etc. Sure, it's possible to change one of them. frustiger/caslon was used for journalism, but frustiger/baskervillewas prefered for business newspaper.
Sociologia:Helvetica is prefered by americans, where is Arial in Europe, but Gillsans in England, grotesk in germany. Russians and East europ like Slabserif or mecane, etc.
AdvertisingSame rules are applied with advertising, try to see by yourself around you.premium and luxury advertising use didones, especialy for perfume for ladies, butwill become sans serif like gillsans for young women, etc.
I'm not agree to say: use this font or this one, because that depending more of yourdocument and your readers, rather than the font is nice. 
I'm preparing a article about this but in french...

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