[scribus] Using Scribus to make booklet with all twitter post in a conf using RSS file.

Alexandre Leray alexandre at alexandreleray.com
Tue Feb 15 20:15:18 CET 2011

Hi Pascal and Scribusers,

I don't know anything about scribus scripting but I'm thinking for this
soemthing like the framerender for text -- a text-renderer -- would be
awesome, don't you think?

-- Alex

On 15/02/11 11:53, Pascal Lapalme wrote:
> Well hi everyone,
> I will animate a conf to explain how to use Scribus, Gimp and  Inkscape in a
> classroom with studient to make a news paper (look here :  Atelier 108 - Des
> outils libres pour la création d'un journal
> !<http://colloque.aquops.qc.ca/cgi-bin/WebObjects/colloque.woa/wo/>
> )
> In my conf, I will ask everyone to use twitter to make comments, ask
> questions, etc.
> I would like to use Scribus and his hability to script to take RSS file and
> make a booklet of all this posts...
> It's possible ?
> How can I make it or where do I begin my search in the doc ?
> Thanks

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