[scribus] Text frame on master page with text entered on actual pages?

Ondřej Němeček ondrej.nemecek.news.scribus at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 13:50:11 CET 2011

I made some experiments and it looks like there is only way how to 
relativelly simple align multiple frames horizontally, but limited
way to align them vertically. I tryied this on double sided document:

Prepare document:

- create double sided document with 6 pages and auto frames
- add both horizontal and vertical guides on left and right master pages
- set zoom to 50% to best view what is happening

Align horizontally:

- by clicking select vertical guide
- by clicking select all frames on left pages (in outline window)
- open "align and distribute" dialog
- set "relative to guides"
- click on "align left sides" button
- frames on left pages are now aligned horizontally
- you can the same do for frames on right pages

Align vertically:

- by clicking select horizontal guide
- by clicking select frames on pages 1 and 2 (in outline window)
- open "align and distribute" dialog
- set "relative to guides"
- click on "align tops" button
- frames on pages 1 and 2 are now aligned vertically
- but you need to do this for pages 3,4 etc. separately

Is there some better way to do this task? Any ideas are there?


Dne 10.2.2011 12:57, Ondřej Němeček napsal(a):
> Dne 6.2.2011 14:25, Peter Desjardins napsal(a):
>> (...)
>> I'd like
>> to be able to adjust the position of the text frame on a page after
>> the text is entered and have the frames on each page reflect that
>> change consistently. I added guidelines on my master page and I know I
>> could adjust those but I don't want to have to edit each individual
>> body page in case I adjust the layout later.
> Do you know feature Align and distribute (under Windows in menu)? Maybe
> it helps. I am not familiar with advanced use of this so I am not sure
> that could be used for relative-to-page operation over multiple objects.
> Anybody know more about this? Becouse it's my question too.

Ondrej Nemecek
icq: 250163477

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