[scribus] Fw: Master pages

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 03:06:36 CET 2011

On 02/03/2011 08:32 PM, Thomas Baumann wrote:
> Can you give me some hints on step by step here?  All I want to do is set up a "template" for a page with two columns of text.  On come pages, I might shorten a column and add an image.  On other pages I might delete the first column only.  I want the template set up sot that I don't have to create, position, etc the text boxes on every single page I start.  I played with the guides thing but can't figure out what you mean.
Hi Thomas,

It's time to play.

Here is a starting point:

Make a new document, check for Automatic Text Frames in the dialog, set 
for 2 columns, and just keep the default Gap of 11 points. Click Ok.

Now right-click on your text frame and put some Sample Text in there to 
get a sense of what it looks like. Shorten the frame if you like. Play 
with the font, its size, etc. Now you begin to get a sense of what you 
might like -- a bigger gap, different margins, whatever. This is pretend 
content, so you're just playing to get a sense of what you want your 
newsletter to look like. If you add more pages, they should also have 
automatic frames, and be linked.

As far as adding images, you might as well play around with the script 
'InfoBox' while you're at it (under Script > Scribus Scripts). This will 
prompt you for whether you want to cover 1 column or more, which column 
if only one, ask where you want it, how big, then let you name the 
infobox frame, and finally you have the option of specifying 'imageL' to 
bring up a file dialog to load an image into this frame. After that you 
can adjust its position with the Y-Pos spinbox, its size if you like, 
etc. Very easy to add images to your columned text.

Just play around.


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