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Can you give me some hints on step by step here?  All I want to do is set up a "template" for a page with two columns of text.  On come pages, I might shorten a column and add an image.  On other pages I might delete the first column only.  I want the template set up sot that I don't have to create, position, etc the text boxes on every single page I start.  I played with the guides thing but can't figure out what you mean.
Thanks for your help.

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hi thomas,

> I open a new two page document.  On page one I drew two text boxes, then went to Pages, Convert to Master Page and entered a Name and OK.  Then went to page 2 of the document and went Pages, Apply Master Page and clicked on the New Master Page and OK.  The two text boxes show up with dashed borders, but when I right cleck on them to get the Properties Box so I edit can only get to Manage Page Properties.  I cannot get to the Properties box so I can change font, or even enter any text.  What am I doing wrong?

you can't edit the text from a master page after having applied it to a page.
and this is by design.

what you can do is
- set guides in the master pages
- add the text frames (as groups) to the scrapbook
- drag and drop the scrapbook items to the page or paste them to page to maintain their position


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