[scribus] Failed to work with SVG's and Image frames

Peter 4221list at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 00:38:39 CET 2011


I'm trying to follow the wiki description

Somehow it seems that Scribus on my Mac will not let me attach a image to a
image frame that have been created out of a imported svg once I'w followed
the workflow described. Is it the workflow in the wiki that is wrong or is
it me that have just missed out one crucial step. It's possible for me to
create a text box - change the shape of it, convert it to a image frame and
voila in there a image can go :-) - but that will not let me create artistic
framing using masking style :-(

I'm on OSX 10.6.6 running Scribus 1.3.9.

Just now learning scribus - but already impressed by the powers of it -
great job there.

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