[scribus] OO styles (from ODT) once again

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Feb 2 15:21:21 CET 2011

hi greg,

> > No... It not solving my problem as I will lost bolds, italics etc
> > this "feature" is maybe usable if you work with one ODT document,
> > but in my case I import itno Scribus doc many (more than 20) ODT
> > files. After that I have aprox 30-40 additional styles!
> >
> > I must try to add feature for omit styles from ODT file.
> I wonder how you have set up oowriter to have so many styles created. 
> There must be a number of default styles you have there, whether you 
> created them or not. Check the settings in oowriter.

have you ever prepared a magazine?

you get the articles with the craziest formattings!

i had people putting columns in their word documents, because they wanted me to layout the text following their wishes! full pages of empty lines, spaces and tabs at the end of the document, ...

at the end, you have to dump all their formatting, but keep the italics, subscript and superscripts. you're not allowed to miss any of them! they tend to get very angry if you do.

i was doing the cleanup in word, cezary wants to do it in scribus...


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