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> The barking, biting attitude that I saw earlier is one that I would
> expect to find on the Moobunny forums, 

There is some history here. Gang Chen and Alice Chen have written a
book with the title "Using FREE Scribus Software to Create Professional
Presentations, Book Covers, Magazine Covers, Graphic Designs...(etc)"
Almost all  of the book is devoted to book covers, and all of the book
covers look alike, the front panel consisting of a green bar with text,
followed by a photo, followed by another green bar with more text. The
Chen book is an earnest effort but Chen is a bit of a newbie in the
field. For example describes how to import an ISBN bar code in jpg
format. He apparently was not aware that is best practice to use a
vector format for bar codes. He was also not aware it seems that
Scribus has its own bar code generator so no import is needed. 

Chen is a very busy marketer, however. I applaud his diligence at
marketing, but sending a linkedin invitation to the Scribus mailing
list is either a foolish mistake or incredible arrogance. 

Now I wrote an e-booklet, a bit long in the tooth at this point, that
competes with his much more expensive paperback. So I am certainly not
an unbiased observer. I would feel more generous to Chen however if he
had spent more time on this list and learned a bit more. He does remind
me of those self publishers whose second (or first!) book is a book
on self publishing.

"Drink deep, or taste not the  Pierian Spring;
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."
(Alexander Pope.)

John Culleton
Wexford Press
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"

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