[scribus] Problem with importing UTF8 encoded characters

Jean Basile jean.basile at yahoo.fr
Sat Aug 27 18:36:23 UTC 2011

I have it easier to type in a text editor without distraction, maybe use some markdown to mark some words. Than I export that in HTML and there I have a text that is written using UTF8 encoded chars and some HTML tags along. It's not something fancy, and the resulting file is not really a page as it has no declaration and no headers.

Now, if I try to import that on WinXP SP3 using the latest Scribus (1.4.0rc5) and its HTML import feature -- my non-ASCII letters change and become garbage. Also, with my latest 3.x OpenOffice from PortableApps: the same thing happens.

The only work-around I could find at the moment was to open the file in the browser, paste it in an OOo Writer file and import that in Scribus as odt using the odt filter, than I have the right file with the right encoding and my marks well set up.

What am I doing wrong? Can you shed some light?


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