[scribus] PDF scrincking script

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Aug 24 18:48:37 UTC 2011


> I think Screen/web should be renamed to "RGB (Screen/web)" and Printer
> should be renamade to "CMYK (4-color printing)" or something like
> that.
> Screen/web makes people think it's about making a smaller PDF, but
> that is not true.

no, it can't be renamed that way... but, yes, it would be nice to rename it.

however, i've been told that the difference has nothing to do with RGB and CMYK nor with resolution of images.

Screen/Web outputs the PDF as is.

Printer uses the color profiles defined.

i'm for looking for a new label in 1.5.x...

please, someone corrects me if i'm wrong...


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