[scribus] crash reports

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Aug 24 14:49:09 UTC 2011


i have used the rc5 version of scribus these last day and globally i had no crashes at all except in these 2 situations :

- precise and easy to reproduce : Create a 3 (let say) pages documents, with one linked frame on each page. Suppress the 
last page. Then have "CTRL Z" to undo the suppression. Scribus instantly completely disappear, without any warning nor 

- harder to reproduce : Quickly creating styles while creating name conflicts (a character style having same name as a 
paragraphe name) and renaming the style so as to avoid the conflict and going on with more style editing and creating 
and renaming ends in a crash.

Other reports would be usability inconveninences.

Sincerly hoping Scribus will go on bettering itself,


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