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Wed Aug 24 12:21:40 UTC 2011

>> I was just thinking the other day that when one chooses output for
>> Screen/Web, this should also produce a smaller PDF, more or less by
>> definition, or at least by default.
> I think Screen/web should be renamed to "RGB (Screen/web)" and Printer
> should be renamade to "CMYK (4-color printing)" or something like
> that.
> Screen/web makes people think it's about making a smaller PDF, but
> that is not true.

True : as it is, it is misleading.

Screen/web not only is RGB but is alos low res.

RGB and Low res would be a very usefull option too.


In other DTP packages this is also "preset" profiles which really optimize output (I heard this thing on this list about a small section of an image visible that still exports the full picture and precision down to 0.001 mm which could be tweaked... I wish i knew Qt+ I'd be proud to do and not sinply moan). 

I'd prefer if Scribus also replaced this by "generic RGB" and "generic CMYK" (technically this is not true I guess as even generic CMYK would cover +pantone, maybe another wording - maybe a generic RGB ICC profile preselected... I used to think that screen/web and print was also a preset for optimization settings.

For the moment you need to change this in the preferences or document setup I would also prefer if the ICC could be chosen when exporting to PDF - not too sure hwat the reason for this is.

But it's true, I love Scribus but for small size PDFs the expensive commercial packages are indeed one step ahead

Cedric Sagne

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