[scribus] reducing PDF size

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Aug 22 12:49:43 UTC 2011

hi christopher,

> I recently asked this question. I also am learning how to do the 
> script. a.l.e.'s response helps me to understand more.
> I have found a not so elegant work around on the size.
> 1.) I found out that GIMP 2.6 will allow you to import PDF file pages. 
> So I imported the two pages of my newsletter into GIMP (a free image 
> manipulation program - for Linux or windows (Mac too?). I then saved 
> the images.
> 2.) Then I opened LIbreoffice (a free office production suite for 
> Linux, windows and Mac). I imported the images. Enlarged them to the 
> full page size.
> 3.) exported the file to PDF via Libreoffice (just a click of a button 
> to export to PDF) and the file was less than 1 mb.
> Looking at the resulting PDF file, it appeared of similar quality as 
> the original Scribus PDF file with less than 1/19th the size.

basically: it's not a good idea to convert your PDFs to images. this 
only applies if they contain text which your readers are supposed to be 
reading (and being able to copy paste the content). if you have a more 
pictural work in your PDFs, well, in that case it may be a good idea (if 
it indeed reduces the size of your PDFs).


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