[scribus] links within the document

Adrienne Carmack adrienne.carmack at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 16:21:55 UTC 2011

>what you will need to do is create a linking frame over the text which serves as a visual guide to show the reader where to click.
>Find the icon for Insert Link Annotation (looks like footsteps), then make your frame. Right-click for the context menu, then under PDF >Options, the Type will be link, and then you pick the page and X,Y position to move to.
>In the PDF, this frame will not itself show any text.

I couldn't find the insert link annotation icon anywhere, but I was
able to draw a text frame and then turn that into a link. However,
when I am in the pdf, although the text that is in the same location
where I put the empty frame appears clickable, clicking it doesn't
take me to the place I specified in the pdf options dialog.

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