[scribus] Saving as PDF with a smaller file size

Theo theopcles at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 14:28:38 UTC 2011

when you from Scribus export  to PDF  go to tab General en set 
resolution to 54 DPI instead of the 300, that is just enough quality for 
the screen.

Theo Mulder

Op 18-8-2011 14:54, Christopher A. Zaino, PT, PhD schreef:
> I am using Scribus 1.4.0.r5 on linux mint 10. I have a two page 
> newsletter with 2 small pictures, some graphic shapes, some PDF 
> hyperlinks, 5 layers. When I export this newsletter to a PDF format, 
> it is quite large (19 mb). This is a problem because I need to email 
> this newsletter to a group of people. So I need a smaller file size.
> I have tried saving in various ways - PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, I have 
> changed the resolution of the pictures to 100, 125, 150 dpi 
> (originally it was 300 dpi) and it always saves at the same 19 mb. 
> However, twice I have tried something and it will save at 1.3 mb or 
> 1.8 mb, but when I try it again using the same (?) settings, it is 
> back to 19 mb.
> Does anybody have any suggestions on how to save the file to PDF with 
> a smaller size - any settings I should be aware of or should I 
> decrease the number of layers. I like the layers because I can move 
> about the document easier with the layers - I have text on one layer, 
> graphics on another, pictures on another.....
> Also, any clue as to why I would get one size file most of the time 
> and then have a drastically smaller file, but can't duplicate it 
> within seconds of saving the first (smaller file)?
> thanks
> Chris
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