[scribus] Bulk Image Path modification / Relative Image Paths

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Aug 15 14:53:18 UTC 2011


> I just cleaned up my HD, and changed the absolute paths of my scribus 
> files and image folders on my main working HD.
> Now, of course, I have to change image per image the path inside my 
> nearly hundred scribus files...
> I'm using portable on Win7
> Is there any way to bulk change all paths inside a scribus document?
> Or if I could just click inside of the path-text in the image manager 
> and copie-past the new path...
> And, which would make the future file manipulations much easier, is 
> there any way to put the image path in a relative way? for example all 
> images in a sub-folder, pointed like "../Images/" or somehow, and I 
> could find my images once the whole  docs folder structure placed 
> elsewhere...

the best way to do it, was to "file > collect for output" before 
modifying the paths.

now, the easiest thing, is to restore the old paths and collect for 
output now...

... the more geeky thing is to open a copy of your .sla with a text 
editor and search and replace the paths... and use this copy!


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