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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Mon Aug 8 15:34:57 UTC 2011

On Sunday, August 07, 2011 08:07:33 pm bobparham at comcast.net wrote:
> I have vs 1.4.0rc2 and I would like to try out vs 1.5.0 but I would 
> to keep the version I have until I feel comfortable with the latest
> version. Do I need to take any steps to insure that the new version 
> not _replace_ the older version and that I would wind up with both?
> Bob P

I download each version overnight with a script. I aim the svn update 
at a differnt file in each case (/usr/local/src/s140 and 
/usr/local/src/s150). In each of my download scripts I copy the 
scribus file to /usr/local/bin/scrib4 or /usr/local/bin/scrib5 as 

Here are the latest versions of my scripts:
cd /usr/local/src/
svn up svn://scribus.net/branches/Version135/Scribus s140 
cd s140
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr/local/scribus4_svn  
make install
cd scribus

cp /usr/local/bin/scrib4 /usr/local/bin/scrib4.sav
rm /usr/local/bin/scrib4
cp scribus /usr/local/bin/scrib4
cd /usr/local/src/
rm -r s150/*
svn co svn://scribus.net/trunk/Scribus s150
cd s150
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr/local/scribus_svn 
make install
cd scribus
rm /usr/local/bin/scrib5
ln scribus /usr/local/bin/scrib5
These have some personal modifications but you get the general idea.

John Culleton

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