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John Ghormley KJ4UFG kj4ufg at sera.org
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On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 11:37 AM, bobparham at comcast.net <
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> On 8/4/2011 10:40 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 08/04/2011 10:02 AM, bobparham at comcast.net wrote:
>>> I am writing a book using Scribus. The pages are 5.5" X 8.5". Typically,
>>> a signature will consist of one or more sheets of paper with two pages
>>> printed on each side.
>>> I will have photos interspersed throughout the book and I have no
>>> problem flowing text around them. However, there will be a few full page
>>> photos in the book and I don't know how best to do this and link the
>>> pages. For example, suppose I have a chapter containing text on pages 1
>>> & 2, a photo on page 3 and text on page 4. How would I do this. I am
>>> using vs 1.4.0rc2.
>>>  Hi Bob,
>> Not quite sure what your question is. You would benefit, of course, from a
>> Double Sided layout display. You just make an image frame the size of the
>> page, with/without bleed...
>> If you are printing this yourself, you will need to do imposition, if a
>> commercial printer is doing it, they should be able to handle that.
>> Greg
>> I have completed three chapters already using Double Sided layout but
>> these three chapters contain small pictures and I flowed the text around
>> them. This is a different situation. In my example above I would need to
>> link text from page 1 to page 2 to page 4. (Skipping page 3 which would
>> contain the picture.) Would it work better in this example to open the
>> document in Scribus with three pages, import text from Word into page 1,
>> link to page 2 and page3 then add a page after page 2 for the picture or
>> should I handle it differently?
> I plan to print and bind a few copies myself and am doing the imposition.
> Bob*Bob Parham*
If I understand you, correctly, you are concerned about linking across a
page that does not contain any text frame to a later page where the text
link should continue.  If I am correct regarding your concern, you should
know that Scribus handles this quite nicely.  I often skip 20 - 30 pages
where other text frames and image frames exist in between when laying out my
magazine.  Just link the desired frames in the order you want regardless
what page they are on.  I've even linked backward, though the layout wasn't
well thought out, but Scribus handled it impeccably.
John Ghormley  KJ4UFG
Editor, SERA *Repeater Journal*
Walkertown, NC  USA
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