[scribus] Scribus on Mac OS X...?

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Sat Apr 30 04:12:17 UTC 2011

Hello, I've been using Scribus for over a year now on a Windows XP system and currently in the transition to a new MacBook Pro (i7 Intel quad-core).  I'm not too impressed with Apple's attempt at DTP through Pages and don't have the money for Quark or InDesign.  I'd like to keep using Scribus (I like its features and price).  I've read mixed reviews about its ability to install and run on OS X and I haven't seen much information about it at the Scribus site.  So, some questions for anybody who's been using the OS X version of Scribus on a MacBook:

How complicated is the installation?
What is Aqua?
How "stable" is the current release?
How fast does it run?  (It absolutely crawls on my Windows system with 4 GB RAM)
Can files created in the Windows version be opened in the OS X version?  What are the equivalent versions between the two platforms?

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