[scribus] GSoC 2011 projects announced

O. Moskalenko malex at scribus.net
Tue Apr 26 03:28:15 UTC 2011

We are happy to announce that Google is funding two Summer of Code 2011
projects that will be mentored by the Scribus Team. We had received four
proposals from prospective student participants and were allotted two project
slots by Google. Scribus team members discussed and scored the projects as
well as communicated with the students for several weeks. In the end the two
student proposals that gathered the highest scores were the proposal to
rewrite table support in Scribus by Elvis Stansvik and the proposal to
complete the Scripter2 scripting engine and make it the default in Scribus by
Jain Basil Aliyas. We are sad that it was not possible to get the excellent
Undo/Redo system rewrite proposal by Naveen Agarwal and an interesting
interface cleanup proposal by Kyle Marek funded. However, we had to carefully
weigh the requests of our users and the displayed capabilities of the students
as well as the mentoring capacity of the Scribus Team to choose which two
projects would proceed. We wish our GSoC 2011 student coders and their mentors
a productive and fun summer and hope to be able to have the new functionality
available for the Scribus users of our 1.5.0svn branch this fall. We also
thank all the students who sent us their proposals and hope that they will
choose to continue contributing to the Open Source Software development by
enhancing Scribus - the one and only Free Software community developed desktop
publishing software.

Best wishes,


GSoC admin for the Scribus Team

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