[scribus] Ghostscript etc

mick simpson dentoncottages at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Apr 25 22:28:32 UTC 2011

Good evening again,
My thanks to Joe, Henry, Gregory and Craig for the fast responses and knowledge willingly imparted. 
As an aside, it would seem I have got mailing lists mixed up with forums..! However I'm on both now and will probably very quickly learn how they work. 
I have followed the guidance given, installed Ghostscript and can now report I have started Scribus successfully without getting any warnings about Ghostscript, post script printers and other things I didn't really understand. But I will do eventually.
Someone suggested Linux would be better then a MAC. I will be following that up as well but as I said in my original message I need to make Scribus work in Windows first, indeed I have to achieve exactly what I do with a paid for DTP before I can change over completely.
There is much to learn about Scribus and this has been a good start for me. 
Very many thanks again, where ever you all are in the world.
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