[scribus] PDF rendering of lines (image frame)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Apr 22 09:09:53 UTC 2011

hi c,

> > > I found that some PDF viewers (Foxit in particular) do
> > not render the lines around image frame
> > 
> > That is most likely a bug/problem in Foxit. Most of the
> > "small and
> > fast" PDF viewers have some problems handling files from
> > Scribus.
> > 
> > If the file looks good in Adobe Reader it is most likely
> > correct.
> > 
> > /Peter
> > 
> fair enough I don't mind going through one more step to ensure it
> will be printed, but this is my question, what can I do to ensure the
> frame will always be displayed by any PDF viewer and most importantly
> ensure my printshop will print it? I am thinking of creating a
> separate object altogether, but what could I do 1) to do this quickly
> or on multiple object (potentially is there a script?) 2) keep them
> synched (not have to do it again if the image frame changes size -
> well if I have to do it at the very end it's fine too)

imo you can't be sure that you can correctly display a PDF in a PDF viewer which was built with the idea that not all the PDF will be shown correctly.

in your case, though, i think you can try to upload to the bug tracker the .sla and the resulting .pdf for testing: a line which is 5pt thick should always be displyed.

and for the printshop: make sure they're using acrobat (or any professional pre-press tool) and you won't have any problem.


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