[scribus] formatxml and character style

batinste dwanafite at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 20 13:48:58 UTC 2011

Hi list

First message here :)

I'd like to make a nice booklet out of a theater play with Scribus 
(1.4rc2). I have to format some words in the play (ie : stage directions 
in italic, etc.). I have previously worked with LaTeX, and used a script 
to tag all the words that needed formatting (search and replace type of 

The workflow was :
raw text > text tagged with a perl script > LaTeX document > PDF.

Trying to replicate this workflow with Scribus, i found this page :

The script works quite nicely with paragraph styles and emphasis 
(although i had to fix an error with the getFile() method), but i can't 
find how to apply character's style (specifically, character's names at 
the beginning of a line should always be in smallcaps).

I'll appreciate any pointer !


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