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Alessandro Levati 8av10s at tiscali.it
Sun Apr 17 19:25:49 UTC 2011


Il 17/04/2011 19:00, Barry McKenna ha scritto:
>>> Yes, I agree. It's part of the reason that this escaped my
>>> attention, thinking it was something else. The first
>>> question is
>>> what to call it, what name describes what it does? It's
>>> not a page
>>> organizer, it's really a navigation tool, organized by
>>> page/object.
>>> I'm not at the moment in favor of calling it "Navigator".
>>> It might not be of help but the word that comes to mind
>>> and the one that
>>> is used most often in other apps is Thumbnails. It's less
>>> talkative than
>>> in FR or RU but this is what I find. There might be
>>> another word, more
>>> "talkative" !
>> This isn't really a thumbnail-type utility. It shows a list
>> of a documents contents, i.e., the object names (with filter
>> if desired), then allows you to jump to that item and select
>> it.
>> So maybe "List and Pounce" :D -- that should produce some
>> interesting translations!
>> "Object List/Select" -- a bit more sedate but also perhaps
>> obtuse.
> Greg,
> The tool looks like a useful one. I know that I almost always forget to
> name my 'objects' -just leaving the default name (useless) - and now
> that I know there is this tool, that will encourage me to name them.
> Even before I went to the wiki, from what I read in your response to the
> thread, my intuition was to prefer 'object list.'
> Now, having read your wiki, I also note that you make use of the word
> 'object' or 'objects' four times.
> 'Object List' gets my vote.
> With this title, now you no longer have to try to remove the potential
> confusion of why its not a 'real' outline.

In Italian it's translated as "Schema documento", and in my opinion it's 
a good label for this tool, because it is not just a list of the objects 
included in the document, but shows its structure too. So maybe it could 
be called "Document structure" or something similar.

> You can leave that out, and then start immediately to describe the
> different kinds of 'objects' that can occur in a document.

I think that's a good idea for improving the article.


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