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Wed Apr 6 21:32:40 CEST 2011

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I downloaded Scribus for Mac OSX Leopard or later. I am using Snow Leopard.

After downloading and dragging the program to ‘Applications’, a large, dimmed window labelled ‘Characters’ and only containing the small Apple cogwheel started flashing on the screen each time I clicked the mouse, irrespective of whether Scribus was open or not. 

To try to get rid of the flashing window, I moved the Scribus program to the trash. As this did not stop the flashing I tried, but in vain, to find other files downloaded with the Scribus program, which could be the culprit.

I also carried out a Disk Repair without result.

I should be very happy if anybody out there could help me to remove the flashing window, which is very disturbing and delays or interrupts the mouse actions.

Best regards, Kai Olsen
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