[scribus] Lets talk about character styles

Cezary Grabski czarek at oferuje.pl
Fri Apr 1 09:53:35 CEST 2011

Hi all.
Once I was starting using Scribus I was wondering what is goal for character 
styles in form exists in Scribus now.
Character styles works in Scribus in very different manner then in other DTP 
programs I know.
The main difference is that in Scribus definition of character style is almost 
complete and while applying such style user changes almost all char 
attributes. Result is in layout with many different fonts you must prepare 
character styles for all fonts you plan to use with different e.g. color 
applied by character style.

In other DTP programs character styles rather define only CHANGE of some text 
parameters, only differences from original used style.
So, if in character style user set ONLY color: red and apply that character 
style for chars then ONLY color of text changes. No font name, size or 
typographic parameters. ONLY color!!!

Only character style working in that manner (applying only changed text 
parameters) has sense for me.
Now this feature of Scribus is completely unusable for me (and I really dont 
use it). Now character styles in Scribus are kind of subset of paragraph style 
parameters - these ones applyable for single chars, not only for whole 
paragraphs. But what for they are from user point?


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