[scribus] Page ordering broken for pdf export on 1.3.7 ?

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Thu Sep 30 22:25:06 CEST 2010

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On 9/30/10 9:40 PM, Julian Haines wrote:
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>> From: John Culleton [mailto:john at wexfordpress.com]
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>> Subject: Re: [scribus] Page ordering broken for pdf export on 1.3.7 ?
>> On Thursday 30 September 2010 04:55:09 Julian Haines wrote:
>>> Hi John,
>>> On Wednesday 29 September 2010 19:00 John Culleton wrote:
>>>>> Here is the easy way. Save the file in normal order as a
>>>>> postscript
>>>> file. Then use PSUtils programs ...
>>> Thanks! That looks like an interesting solution for Postscript.
>>> Unfortunately I'm looking for a pdf output. Given that I have only
>>> 8 pages to order, I think it should be even easier directly from
>>> Scribus, except I'm either doing something wrong this time, or it's
>>> broken in 1.3.7 on Win XP. I don't see a bug report in the tracker
>>> for this.
>>> Regards,
>>> Julian
>>> --
>>> Julian Haines
>> Sorry, I forgot to mention two other utilities that come with the
>> Ghostscript package, pdf2ps and ps2pdf. You can save your
>> Scribus file
>> in ps format, manipulate the pagination with one or two commands from
>> PSUtils and then use ps2pdf to get to a pdf file. Or if you already
>> have a pdf file then use pdf2ps as the first step.
>> If Scribus comes up with a reliable, bug free and understandable
>> method for doing pamphlet imposition then all this is beside the
>> point. But until then the proven PSUtils and Ghostscript packages are
>> there for your use.
>> --
> Okay, thanks, that sounds like a solution. However, it was *much* easier
> before when I used Scribus to do the job!
> Julian

This bug has already been fixed and will be released as a part of 1.3.9

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