[scribus] Scannig problem

Ray risely at tadaust.org.au
Thu Sep 30 15:38:41 CEST 2010


Thanks for your reply Frank - BUT, as I said, my scanner is not recognised -
in Ubuntu or in Mint - no lights, no noise, it's not recognised.
Logging out of either and back into Windows and it works fine.
Xsane says there is no scanner connected. I can print OK, but not scan!



Hi All,

In DTP (with a Windows program) in the past, I have been used to scanning
photos, repairing them, and then placing into a Newsletter page.
Using Scribus and/or 1.3.5 in Ubuntu 10.04, my Canon scanner is
What is the work around for this - if any?



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On Thu, 2010-09-30 at 16:22 +0930, Ray wrote:
> What is the work around for this - if any?

Gimp has an "Acquire Image" menu option.  Scan your image into Gimp and
save it, then place it on your Scribus page.

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