[scribus] Bleed.

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Sep 29 07:02:04 CEST 2010

> If I then export to pdf and view, I find the top, bottom and outside
> edges with bleed crop marks set OK, but at the centre, where the binding
> would be, there are also bleed crop marks and the centre edges have 5mm
> overlap each, rather than being 'seamless'.

If you turn off all the marks I think the pages will look as you expect.

I had problems with this when I was playing around with doind my own
impositions on documents with bleed. My final solution was to use
bleed on all pages and then use an external program to crop the inner
margins from the PDF (odd pages crop on left side and even pages on
right side). Then I could impose and still have the crop marks in the
imposed result.

But when sending to a "commercial printer" you generally don't need
crop marks in your PDF. The PDF contains bleed and trim boxes that the
printers imposition software adheres to, and crop marks are added for
the final spreads. If you have crop marks in your PDF they will most
likely remove them before imposing.

But if you really need to send the complete spreads to the printer I
suggest using an external program to manipulate the PDF to suit your


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