[scribus] Properties dialog box is not visible

Jeremiah Reilly help at scribus.info
Tue Sep 28 16:29:18 CEST 2010

Submitted on 09/28/2010
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   Name: Jeremiah Reilly
   Email Address: jeremiah.p.reilly at gmail.com
   Subject: Properties dialog box is not visible
Mac OS X 10.6.4 running on 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac with 12 GB RAM
Scribus Version 1.3.8 21 July 2010 Build ID: C-C-T-F-Q-Mac/Aqua using  
Ghostscript verion 8.71

Newbie attempting to use Scribus. I am working through the "Get Started with  
Scribus" tutorial. I inserted an Image Frame. Following the instructions of  
the tutorial, I selected Windows > Properties...   No dialog box (properties  
palette) appeared. I carefully chected that my Image Frame was selected. I  
worked two hours on this problem and searched the internet and bug lists. I  
found an entry: http://www.scribus.net/?q=node/158/submission/502  (actually  
submission/498 to 503) with the same problem. No solution.

Please help. Did I install the wrong version of Scribus? TIA.


ps: the user support mailing list entry form does not provide sufficient  
options in the Version/OS/CPU/Build Date section of the form. I had to select  
incorrect options in order to post my question.

   About your Scribus program:
     Version: 1.3.7svn
     Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
     Build Date: 20. July 2008
   Your operating system and CPU:
     Type: MacOS X
     Version: OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard
     CPU type: Other/Don't know

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