[scribus] scribus install on Tiger 10.4.11

Patrick Edgmon help at scribus.info
Fri Sep 24 01:07:30 CEST 2010

Submitted on 09/24/2010
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   Name: Patrick Edgmon
   Email Address: fixmaintain at yahoo.com
   Subject: scribus install on Tiger 10.4.11
Wow, I finally found and downloaded scribus-, I guess this is what I  
need for Tiger OS, I got the Fink download finally, I picked the scribus  
option in the Fink Commander list, picked install packages from source in the  
Fink Commander, it said I had install files and status is "Current"
I have no idea what to do now. Where is the program? I've tried clicking on  
several things in the scribus- folder, nothing works?
Any ideas?


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     Type: MacOS X
     Version: Tiger 10.4.11
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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