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> From: Robert Marma <robert_marma at yahoo.com>
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> Hi, all,
>  It has been awhile since I last contacted all of you.  I hope you're all well
> and are successful in your various  projects.  Anyway, at the time of my last
> post I was considering one of the Linux distributions to use on my netbook [in
> conjunction with Scribus, of course] but was undecided as to which one I should
> choose.  Well, I was finally forced to make the plunge to openSUSE Gnome v11.2.

>  Then I recalled that about six months ago I had the foresight to burn an
> openSUSE Gnome LiveCD from an ISO image that I downloaded from one of their
> repositories.  Fortunately for me, this CD turned out to be a system installer
> CD, as well, so I installed openSUSE from this CD, and now I'm back in business
> and can once more use the computer again and connect to the Internet.  Note that
> this is a single partition, Linux-only install, and Vista is now history!

Of course, in a perfect world you could have set up dual boot with
Windows and switched to Linux-only within weeks or so. Sink or swim!

openSUSE is a topnotch distribution, solid, good support, excellent selection

>  Of course, this switch opened up a Pandora's Box of new problems, since I had
> never used any Linux OS before, and this is why I am once again bothering this
> esteemed group.
... I WAS hoping that among the Linux users out there someone
> would be kind enough to guide me through the process of installing Ghostscript
> and Scribus, since I would like to continue using both on this netbook.  If so,
> which version should I run?  Also, I was wondering if it would be advisable for
> me to install and use Wine in order to be able to run some of the Windows apps
> that I was sorry to lose when I installed OpenSUSE.
> Thanx again,
> Bob Marma  [Scribus newbie and openSUSE newborn]

I've found that it works pretty well to start out using Google and the
forums right off the bat. So for example in your case, googling
"openSUSE 11.2 install software" brings up choices for the openSUSE
site and this http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/opensuse-11sp2-gnome.html
on the first page of results. Between the two of them, you have a
wealth of information about installing software. I can't imagine
running my Linux installation without having quick and easy access to
the proper repositories.

It is possible to install most Linux apps without using repositories.
If you decide to go this route, you will learn a lot very quickly. It
may not be the smoothest ride however.

Ghostscript and Scribus may be choices in the standard openSUSE
repositories; wine is probably there too. Googling "Linux install
Scribus" presents some links apropos to your request. If you poke
around a bit in the various Scribus information sources (google is a
good place to start), you can make your own decisions about what
version of Scribus to use. Hint: it depends on how risk averse you
are. I find that 1.5 is fine...saving before I do potentially stupid

If it's necessary to run Windows apps, wine is a good choice. Some
online research will give you information on which to base a decision
between that or not that or other options (cedega is a wine-ish
application that is a good choice for games).

All things considered, you should have an enjoyable and trouble free
computing ride with openSUSE and whatever version of Scribus you

Welcome to your own computer. The opposite of "open" is "theirs".


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